The best eco-friendly materials for driveways and patios


June 28, 2024

Choosing the best materials

Sustainability is an important part of driveways and patios. Making sure that your driveway and patio is sustainable is even more important now more than ever. Especially given the ever changing climate of the environment and home-owners being more environmentally conscious, there’s been an increasing demand on having driveways and patios being made from sustainable and otherwise eco-friendly materials. 


Not only does using eco-friendly materials help in terms of helping the planet, but also enhances the visuals of the driveway and patio, giving it more sustainability and longevity. Here’s a guide to some of the best eco-friendly materials for driveways or patios.


Permeable Pavers

A popular choice for driveways and patios, permeable pavers are a good option for an eco-friendly and visually appealing driveway or patio. Those pavers are able to let water pass through them which reduces runoff and enhances groundwater recharge. 


These pavers are made from a variety of materials like concrete, brick, or recycled plastic which help prevent erosion and reduce the burden on stormwater systems, reducing flooding risks.


Despite all of the benefits of these materials, these types of driveways require regular maintenance to prevent clogging. However, if maintenance is kept up with, it’s definitely worth it for your driveway or patio looking excellent and functional. 


Natural Stone

Granite, sandstone and slate are just a few options for natural stone driveways and patios. That has an effortless, clean and visually stunning final look to them. Natural stone is a natural resource which has a long lifespan which greatly reduces the need for replacement, making it a good choice for longevity. 


Natural stone is durable and lasts a long time, as well as also looking good and having a very natural clean finish. However, when wet, the surface can become slippery so if so, it’s probably best to take precautions to reduce how slippery the surface can become.


Grass and Gravel

Another natural choice for driveways, becoming increasingly more popular. They have a grid system which is filled with soil and grass which allows for a greener and permeable surface. It looks natural and offers a rustic feel to the visuals. They also offer excellent drainage, much like permeable pavers.


Grass and gravel are also flexible and easily customisable which makes them a popular choice, especially due to being able to accommodate varying levels of weight, from light to heavy. Making them a popular choice, gravel also reflects light, keeping the area cooler. Making it an eco-friendly and useful choice, seeing as your driveway will be kept cool and making use of natural resources helps the environment.


However, due to these surfaces being grass, they do require regular upkeep. Due to being made from grass, they require weeding and mowing when needed. But grass and gravel still makes for a sustainable, long living, eco-friendly and good looking surface for your driveway.



These are just a few of the sustainable and eco-friendly choices for driveways and patios. There are many opinions in terms of material for these surfaces too, so you can choose the best fit for the look and use of your driveway and patio. 

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